Picture of A DCA Graduate

Dawn Christian Academy's goal is that each student will be a successful EAGLE:

E arnest Christ follower

  • Grows spiritually as a disciple of Jesus Christ and displays integrity that comes from Christ-centered living.
  • Recognizes that attitude, learning, and diligence are all done for God's glory.
  • Is inspired to become involved in ministry and missions.
  • Invests time and abilities to nurture relationships as a emissary of Christ.
  • Accepts and submits to authority.
  • Endeavors to recognize and respect different cultures, personalities, and opinions.
  • Displays Christian ethics and morals in resolving conflict.
  • Integrates a clear understanding of a Biblical worldview in all aspects of life, including critical thinking and problem solving.

A cademic achiever

  • Uses study habits and organizational skills effectively.
  • Thinks critically and creatively by conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information.
  • Attains mastery of the skills in the school's core curriculum so that further
    knowledge can be attained without hindrance.

G odly leader

  • Derives self-worth and confidence from identity in Christ.
  • Models godly character and transparent integrity.
  • Sets an example with good manners & courtesy.
  • Seeks God's direction through prayer, the Bible, and honest and trustworthy counselors.
  • Demonstrates humility and modesty in loving and serving others as oneself.

L ifelong learner

  • Recognizes the perpetual value of learning, growing, and improving.
  • Motivates and engages oneself in learning.
  • Sets realistic yet ambitious personal and academic goals and carries out a plan to achieve them.
  • Uses mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve.
  • Has either accepted or has been encouraged to personally accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

E ffective communicator

  • Listens actively and respectfully.
  • Speaks clearly, persuasively, and respectfully.
  • Reads, thinks, and writes with clarity, conviction, and courtesy.
  • Uses technology effectively and responsibly to promote communication.
  • Expresses ideas and creative abilities through art, drama, music, and foreign language.
  • Expresses and defends his faith in all situations.